Frequently Asked Questions

Attending Your First Meeting?

Do I have to register or make an appointment to attend meetings?
No. If you think you have a problem with alcohol and/or have a desire to quit drinking, please join us at any meeting any time. No appointments or registration are needed.

Student Observations

We get many inquiries about student observation of meetings.

Which meetings are available for observation?
Students are welcome to visit and observe any Open meetings. Open meetings are available to anyone interested in the Alcoholics Anonymous program of recovery, and are designated by an O in the meeting type on the schedule. Many of the meetings in the area are open. Most of them are OD which is Open Discussion or OS which is Open Speaker.
What is an Open Discussion meeting?
In Open Discussion meetings, members generally take turns sharing their experience, strength and hope as it pertains to alcoholism and their program of recovery. Sharing is completely voluntary. No one is required to participate.
What is an Open Speaker meeting?
In Open Speaker meetings, generally one member addresses the group by sharing their experience, strength and hope as it pertains to alcoholism. Their "story" often follows the outline of, what it was like, what happened, and what it is like now.